- In our shopping centers -



Hot coffee and branded delicious dishes


Hot dishes at supermarkets

Hot dishes, cutlets, cookies, soup, always fresh salads and desserts


Dishes cooked right here

Khinkali, dumplings with fresh local meat, khachapuri, gata and rolls with various flavors


Traditional lavash and French bread baked right here

Hot Armenian lavash, shotapuri, wide range of French bread, cakes, buns, croissants 



Barbeque – chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, grill, roasts and etc




Pharmacy, ATMs, Currency Exchange, Beauty Salon, Chemical Cleanup, Mobile services, CMTPL, Tel-Cell and Idram Services, Refilling terminals



Perfumery store, Cloths, Shoes, Children’s cloths, Accessories, Souvenirs, Animal care and fodders, Wedding Salon, Flowers salon, Draught Perfumery, Optics



        “Natali Pharm” 24 hours